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Comrade Wu Teh’s Broadcast Speech at Tien An Men Square

[This short article is reprinted from Peking Review, #15, April 9, 1976, p. 4.]

Comrade Wu Teh made a broadcast speech on April 5 at Tien An Men Square. Full text of the speech follows:


In the past few days while we were studying our great leader Chairman Mao’s important instructions, counterattacking the Right deviationist attempt to reverse correct verdicts and grasping revolution and promoting production, a handful of bad elements, out of ulterior motives, made use of the Ching Ming Festival to deliberately create a political incident, directing their spearhead at Chairman Mao and the Party Central Committee in a vain attempt to change the general orientation of the struggle to criticize the unrepentant capitalist-roader Teng Hsiao-ping’s revisionist line and beat back the Right deviationist attempt. We must see clearly the reactionary nature of this political incident, expose the schemes and intrigues of the bad elements, heighten our revolutionary vigilance and avoid being taken in.

Revolutionary masses and cadres of the municipality must take class struggle as the key link, act immediately, and by concrete action defend Chairman Mao, defend the Party Central Committee, defend Chairman Mao’s proletarian revolutionary line and the great capital of our socialist motherland, deal resolute blows at counter-revolutionary sabotage and further strengthen and consolidate the dictatorship of the proletariat and develop the excellent situation. Let us rally round the Party Central Committee headed by Chairman Mao and win still greater victories!

Today, there are bad elements carrying out disruption and disturbances and engaging in counter-revolutionary sabotage at Tien An Men Square. Revolutionary masses must leave the square at once and not be duped by them.

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