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Firmly Keep to the General Orientation of the Struggle

[This article is reprinted from Peking Review, #15, April 9,
1976, pp. 6-7. The “unrepentant Party capitalist-roader” referred
to in this article is of course Deng Xiaoping (Teng Hsiao-ping).]

PERSONALLY initiated and led by our great leader Chairman Mao, the struggle to repulse the Right deviationist attempt to reverse correct verdicts is victoriously developing throughout the country, and the situation is excellent.

Assiduously studying Chairman Mao’s important instructions and using great debate, mass criticism and big-character posters as their weapons, the masses of workers, peasants and soldiers, revolutionary cadres and revolutionary intellectuals are exposing the class nature of that unrepentant Party capitalist-roader who whipped up the Right deviationist wind. They are indignantly criticizing his revisionist programme of “taking the three directives as the key link,” his revisionist line, and his reactionary words and deeds in attempting to reverse the correct appraisal of the Great Cultural Revolution and settle accounts with it. “Reversing correct verdicts goes against the will of the people”; the unrepentant Party capitalist-roader is under attack on all sides and is very isolated. The socialist revolution in all spheres of the superstructure is deepening, and the socialist new things are growing sturdily in the struggle. Spring farming is going full steam ahead, industrial production is thriving, and work is improving in all fields.

We have won great victories. But class struggle is acute and complicated, and there will still be resistance and twists and turns on the road of our advance. We must take class struggle as the key link, firmly keep to the general orientation of the struggle, and carry through to the end the struggle to repulse the Right deviationist attempt to reverse correct verdicts.

In criticizing the Right deviationist attempt to reverse correct verdicts, Chairman Mao points out: “In 1949 it was pointed out that the principal contradiction within the country was one between the proletariat and the bourgeoisie. Thirteen years later the question of class struggle was reiterated, and mention was also made of the fact that the situation began to turn for the better. What is the Great Cultural Revolution for? To wage class struggle. Liu Shao-chi advocated the theory of the dying out of class struggle, but he himself never ceased to wage class struggle. He wanted to protect his bunch of renegades and sworn followers. Lin Piao wanted to overthrow the proletariat and attempted a coup. Did class struggle die out?” Hitting the nail on the head, Chairman Mao’s instruction exposes the reactionary character and fraudulence of the theory of the dying out of class struggle peddled by Liu Shao-chi, Lin Piao and that unrepentant Party capitalist-roader. It penetratingly expounds the nature of the Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution and once again teaches us that we must analyse the contradictions in socialist society from the viewpoint of class struggle. The counterattack against the Right deviationist attempt is a continuation and deepening of the Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution; it is also a serious class struggle. We must analyse the class nature of the tendencies and slogans that appear in the course of the movement from the viewpoint of the struggle by the proletariat against the bourgeoisie. “We must not be academic and oversimplify the complex class struggle.”

It is essential to put the study of Chairman Mao’s important instructions in the first place. These instructions are a sharp weapon for us to beat back the Right deviationist wind and a beacon illuminating our way in continuing the revolution under the dictatorship of the proletariat. We should study conscientiously and be clear about the nature of the current struggle and the guiding principles and policies for it. If we do not study, we are liable to lose our bearings and be taken in.

We should direct the spearhead of the struggle at the Party capitalist-roader who has refused to mend his ways. Chairman Mao points out: “With the socialist revolution they themselves come under fire. At the time of the co-operative transformation of agriculture there were people in the Party who opposed it, and when it comes to criticizing bourgeois right, they resent it. You are making the socialist revolution, and yet don’t know where the bourgeoisie is. It is right in the Communist Party—those in power taking the capitalist road. The capitalist-roaders are still on the capitalist road.” The unrepentant Party capitalist-roader is the general representative of the bourgeoisie. His revisionist programme, his revisionist line and his reactionary words and deeds are a concentrated embodiment of the desire of the bourgeoisie for restoration. By directing the spearhead of the struggle at him and making a penetrating exposure and criticism, we shall be able to distinguish between right and wrong political lines, unite upwards of 95 per cent of the cadres and masses, and win still greater victories in the counterattack against the Right deviationist wind. If we keep a firm grip on this point, the class enemy’s scheme to switch the general orientation of the struggle will be brought to total bankruptcy.

It is imperative to heighten our revolutionary vigilance. Being a serious class struggle, the counterattack against the Right deviationist attempt is bound to meet with rabid resistance and disruption from class enemies at home and abroad, particularly the bourgeoisie in the Party. We should keep a watchful eye at all times on the new trends of class struggle. It is necessary to stop the class enemies from spreading rumours, creating disturbances, inciting the masses to fight against one another, sabotaging the revolution and production. It is imperative to exercise the dictatorship of the proletariat over the handful of class enemies who fabricate political rumours in an attempt to confuse and poison people’s minds and attack and split the Party Central Committee headed by Chairman Mao, track them down sternly and deal resolute blows at them.

It is necessary to strengthen leadership over the movement. The current anti-Right deviationist struggle is being conducted under the unified leadership of the Party committees at various levels. We should not establish inter-unit ties; we should not organize fighting groups or gang up in factions. We should have faith in the masses and rely on them. We should educate the few people who are misled and duped by rumours and do ideological work well among them.

Let us unite and advance along the course indicated by Chairman Mao!

(“Renmin Ribao” editorial, April 6)

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