Robin Blick 1975

Fascism in Germany: How Hitler Destroyed the World’s Most Powerful Labour Movement

Source: Published in two volumes in 1975 by Steyn Publications, 27 Rosemont Court, London W3, under the pseudonym Robert Black.
Transcribed: by Ted Crawford and Paul Flewers and prepared by Paul Flewers for the Marxists Internet Archive.

PDF Version, one file 6.8Mb


Chapter I: The Roots of German Reaction
Chapter II: Marx and Engels on the German Question: Bonapartism and the Bismarckian Legacy
Chapter III: ‘Blood and Iron’: The Politics of German Heavy Industry
Chapter IV: The Heroic Age of German Labour
Chapter V: The Imperialist Crucible
Chapter VI: The First Seeds are Sown
Chapter VII: The First Betrayals: Social Democracy in War and Revolution
Chapter VIII: The Political Economy of National Socialism
Chapter IX: Hitler: The Formative Years
Chapter X: No Man’s Land
Chapter XI: NSDAP
Chapter XII: Italy: The First Warning
Chapter XIII: From Kapp to Munich: Genesis of a Strategy
Chapter XIV: Big Business Rationalises
Chapter XV: Hitler Rebuilds
Chapter XVI: United Front from Below
Chapter XVII: The World Crisis and the Fall of Müller
Chapter XVIII: 14 September 1930
Chapter XIX: ‘Toleration’
Chapter XX: Hitler’s Road to Harzburg
Chapter XXI: ‘Red Unions’
Chapter XXII: Stalin over Germany: From Rapallo to Red Referendum
Chapter XXIII: The Eighteenth Brumaire of Franz von Papen
Chapter XXIV: The Last Chance
Chapter XXV: National Concentration
Chapter XXVI: Capital and Labour in the Third Reich
Appendix I: German Fascism and the Historians
Appendix II: Social Democracy on the German Catastrophe
Appendix III: History Falsified
Appendix IV: Germany and the Fourth International
Author’s Postscript