The Greek Civil War

EAM Message

Date: January 1947
Source: Bulletin of the American Council for a Democratic Greece, Volume IV, No. 1
Author: Unknown (unsigned)
Transcribed/HTML: Mike B. for MIA, 2006
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(The following is a message issued by the Central Committee of the EAM.)

The political coalition of the EAM expresses, with profound emotion, its thanks to all those parties and organizations which sent messages of greetings to the First Panhellenic Congress of EAM which was convoked for September 27, 1946.

It especially expresses its thanks to all brother organizations abroad which hastened to send greetings to the Congress and offer their support, thus demonstrating once again, their solidarity with the Greek people who are struggling for their independence and democratic liberties.

The fad that the Greek Government banned the Congress of EAM—the largest popular organization of National Resistance—constitutes one more proof of the illiberal regime prevailing in Greece. Despite this, EAM will not cease its endeavors to ensure that the convocation of its Congress is allowed. It will not abandon, even for a single moment, the struggle of the Greek people for independence and democracy.