The Greek Civil War

Guerilla Army Issues Communique

Date: January 1947
Source: Bulletin of the American Council for a Democratic Greece, Volume IV, No. 1
Author: Unknown (unsigned)
Transcribed/HTML: Mike B. for MIA, 2006
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On November 20, the Democratic Army of Northern Greece issued Comminunique No. 1, and copies were sent to all foreign correspondents in Athens as well as Athens newspapers. The government immediately forbade the publication of this document; nevertheless, it was published in two—Rizospastis (Communist) and Eleftheria (Republican Centre). Copies of both papers were seized. The following day, the Minister of Justice introduced a bill in Parliament which would impose prison sentences upon editors and permit confiscation of newspapers upon the publication of "attacks on the present regime" and reports of movements of land, sea and air forces and other military information. This bill became law on November 25th.

Text of Communique No. 1

"The Headquarters of the Democratic Army in Northern Greece, in the name of all persecuted Republican combatants who constitute this army, rejects with disgust the shameful slander that the Democratic Army has relations with or is supplied by foreigners.

"The main source of arms and supplies are the monarchist bands which are armed by the British, the stores of the army and gendarmerie and prisoners from these forces.

"The Democratic Army has arisen as a result of the new occupation and the persecution to which the people are subjected by the new fascist regime, established in Greece by the British occupation.

"We were forced to take to the mountains by the violation by the British of the Varkiza Agreement and by the policy of extermination and persecution operated against us.

"The Democratic Army categorically rejects once and for all the slander that its activities are directed against the integrity of Greece. We consider the soil of the Fatherland and its frontiers as sacred and inviolable and we oppose any idea of violence against or conquest of them.

"We struggle for the life and honor of the people and for the freedom. democracy and independence of Greece. The Democratic Army categorically rejects the base slander that it burns down villages and slays women and children. We fight as our forefathers fought for freedom—and as ELAS fought for Greece. The crimes against innocent women and children and the burning down of villages are committed by our enemies. It is against them that we struggle and we punish only traitors. We are the children of the people."