The Greek Civil War

Record of Greek Government

Date: January 1947
Source: Bulletin of the American Council for a Democratic Greece, Volume IV, No. 1
Author: Unknown (unsigned)
Transcribed/HTML: Mike B. for MIA, 2006
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A powerful indictment of the present Greek government is contained in an objective, factual report, prepared by the EAM Bureau of Enlightenment, which recently reached this country. Dated October 1946, the report deals with six major topics: Terroristic Activities; Suppression of Newspapers; Treatment of Resistance Fighters; Treatment of Quislings and Collaborators; Statements of Greek Political Leaders; and British Intervention.

Terroristic Activities

The full text of a directive to the Gendarmerie commander in Thessaly, ordering the burning of homes of anti- monarchists, is included in this section. The directive is dated July 3, 1946. 43 persons murdered in Athens and vicinity in the 7 month period beginning in March of this year are named. A statistical table of terroristic acts throughout Greece (excluding the "mopping-up" areas) contains the shocking information that. in the same 7 month period, there were 87,187 arrests, and 3,798 deportations. The table cites the number of murders. executions. tortures and disappearances.

Persecution of the Press

The report states that 477 newspaper offices and printing shops have been burned or otherwise destroyed or damaged. It lists the names and cities of publication of 15 newspapers which have ceased publication, because their offices and press were destroyed, or their editors and/or personnel were arrested, banished or murdered.


The newly-reorganized Greek army has among its officers 1.262 men who served the Germans in the German- organized and German-commanded Security Battalions, all of whose names are available. The report lists 200 of these quislings.

Further items show governmental preferential treatment for collaborators.

Resistance Fighters

In sharp contrast is the treatment of resistance fighters. In the months of August and September alone, 139 former officers of ELAS were exiled.

British Intervention

British Intervention in and domination of Greek life is discussed in great detail, beginning with the selection by the British of the Greek premier in July 1914. an act which contravened the decision of the representatives of all Greek political parties. The responsibility of the British government for the present state of affairs in Greece is firmly established in this section.