Olive Sutton

Murder Inc. in Greece



There is no shame in Washington these days, no more pretense. The war in Greece has become for all practical purposes a declared war.

Throughout the Middle East the U.S. Army is standing guard over Standard Oil's vast properties like a she-wolf guarding whelps.

The Truman Administration has flagrantly betrayed the Jews of Palestine and the United Nations for the sake of these interests. The Arabs have been armed to fight the Jews. Denied assistance by Washington, the Jews have been forced to establish their own government and declare they will defend it by themselves from attack.

With the Italian general elections only a few weeks away, an American armada with hundreds of Marines aboard equipped for landing operations arrived to police the Mediterranean.

The huge airbase at Tripoli, only a few hundred miles from Athens, Rome and the Soviet Union itself, is being activated to serve our biggest bombers.

In many other parts of the world, too, American foreign policy is supporting the most corrupt and reactionary prewar politicians. Men disowned by their own people. Chiang Kai-shek in China. Charles de Gaulle in France. Nazi industrialists and Gestapo experts in Germany.

When the republics of Eastern Europe expose the plots of such would-be gauleiters to overturn their new democratic governments and re-impose their prewar power, Washington screams "coup" and offers the conspirators shelter in the United States.

To back up this world-wide attack, the Marshall Planners are whooping up the same "stop Communist aggression" war-cry that condemned Goebbels to a despised immortality. American newspapers have just bannered announcement of a 50-year "anti- Red" alliance of Western European nations with the United States that makes the Nazi anti-comintern pact seem like a boyhood prank. Its foundation is a Germany rebuilt on the old Nazi industrial base. Its aim is to turn Germany into yet another base for aggression against the Soviet Union and the republics of eastern Europe; to cut the rest of Europe off from these, their natural trade and economic partners.

The military in Washington openly calculate the shortest bombing route to the Soviet Union. Every other week a George Earle or a Walter Winchell calls for dropping bombs on Moscow now.

The heart of this campaign at home is the drive for adoption of universal military training, for reopening of selective service lists for a new "emergency" draft.

Accompanying this hysteria is the Truman Administration's systematic campaign to wreck the United Nations. For Wall Street, the American delegation at the United Nations betrayed the Security Council decision for a Jewish State. For Wall Street, the Charter was by-passed and the "little Assembly" established to handle cases as the State Department sees fit. For Wall Street, a United Nations Committee passes the months away in Greece, listening to discredited witnesses, viewing staged "incidents," underwriting the American military venture there—all the time with deaf ears and blind eyes turned toward Trumans terror and open war against the Greek people. For Wall Street, the world organization formed by the Allies to preserve peace and forward reconstruction; is being perverted into a veritable "iron curtain" to hide the war-makers' crimes.

President Truman is in this instance consistent. Behind the war talk of his administration are acts of war. He talks about civil liberties for the Negro people, controls to stop inflation, independence for Puerto Rico, and you see: Negro mothers hanged for defending their own lives, children without milk because of high prices, the Puerto Rican people miserable under sugar trust rule.

He proclaims from the White House that his program in Greece is a military program, and that he doesn't want a Communist government anywhere in the world, and you see: warfare in Greece, warfare in Palestine, warfare in China, bases, bombers, naval maneuvers, and strong-arm threats attempting to reinstate prewar dictatorships.

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