Jews and the Spanish Civil War 1938

Yiddish Speech Broadcast on Republican Radio

Source: David Diamant, Combattants Juifs dans l'Armée Républicaine Espagnol. Editions Renouveau, Paris. 1979;
Translated: for by Mitch Abidor.

The Botwins newspaper with the burial of Chaskel Honigstein, was one of the last of the International Brigade to fall in Spain

By their determination to denigrate and exterminate the Jewish masses, the fascists and anti-Semites around the world are preparing a bloodbath. These executioners apply themselves to spreading hatred and inventing lies and calumnies. The slanderers and persecutors of the Jewish masses are also the murderers of Spanish women and children.

The Jewish popular masses have understood that the war carried out by the Spanish people for its freedom is also a war for their survival.

From the trenches of the Republican Army has appeared a new name in the international family of freedom, whose echo resounds throughout the world, a name that fills with pride the heart of every Jewish worker. It’s the name of Naftali Botwin.

Jew, worker or man of the people, wherever you might be: in France, in Poland, in Romania, in Palestine or in America, wherever you live, where you work and suffer, know this: your hope for the defeat of Hitler and Mussolini is being decided today in Spain.

Worker, intellectual, or simply Jew of the people, without distinction of political tendency or social class, try to forget all that separates us and retain all that unites us.

Remember how important unity is to us, in the critical situation in which democracy finds itself today.

And to the Jewish people this must be said: let us all be full of the feeling of responsibility and understanding, as are the best of us, the fighters of the Botwin Company.

The blood spilled by all the antifascists cries out and demands: UNITE! UNITE!

With and for Spanish democracy, for on it depends the fate of our lives and our freedom!