Jewish Labor Bund Bulletin


The Jewish Labor Bund Bulletin was published by the World Coordinating Committee of Bundist and Affiliated Jewish Socialist Organizations.

Vol, I, No. 1, October 1947

Memorandum to the U.N. on D.P.
The 1st World Conference of the BUND
Statement on Jewish Problems
Murder of H. Erlich and W. Alter
Elimination of Antisemitism
50 Years of Jewish Labor
BUND and the International

Vol, I, No. 2, February 1948

50th Anniversary of the Jewish Labor BUND
a) Message of the Socialist International
b) Message of Leon Blum
c) Celebrations in Poland
d) Anniversary Rally in New York
e) Anniversary Publications

BUND at the International Socialist Conference in Antwerp

Statements on Palestine:
a) New York BUND Organization
b) National Convention of BUND in France
c) Jewish Socialist Organization in England

Vol, I, No. 3, March 1948

Shloime Mendelsohn Dead
Life and Death of a Socialist
Biographical Data on Shloime Mendelsohn
Bundism, Zionism and Jewish State
Publishing Activities of “Bund”
Affiliated Organizations.

Vol, I, No. 4, April 1948

The Warsaw Ghetto Uprising in 1943.
Appeal by Jewish Battle Organization.
Fighting in the Ghetto.
Jewish Labor Bund and the Jewish-Arab War in Palestine.
The Youth Movement of the Bund in Various Countries.
S. Mendelson Memorial Meetings.
A New Book on Soviet Russia.
From Our Movement.

Vol, I, No. 5, May 1948

May Day 1948.
Jewish Nation Without a Jewish State.
Behind the Iron Curtain.
The Inside Story
A Year After the World Conference in Brussels.

Vol, I, No. 6, June 1948

The State of Israel.
The Jewish DP’s and the Palestine War.
Address by Dr. E. Scherer at Reading.
Resolution of Greetings to the Bund.
From Our Movement.

Vol, I, No. 7, July 1948

Truce in Palestine.
The Cause of Democratic Socialism.
Nationalism on the Warpath.
The Case of Jakob Friedman.
Resolution of Protest.
May-Day Greetings.

Vol, I, No. 8-9, August-September 1948

Statement Concerning the State of Israel
We Will Not Be Bullied
Arab Refugees
Second World Conference of the “BUND”
The Ice is Broken
Jewish Displaced Persons
A Wave of Zionist Terror in Argentina

Vol, I, No. 10, October 1948

U.N. Mediator Assassinated
World Conference for Yiddish Culture
The Case of Ilse Koch
Socialism Versus Nationalism
A Line Reversal
BUND Support for the Socialist Party
Statement on Israel Adopted by BUND Organizations
Agenda of the Second World Conference of the BUND

Vol, I, No. 11, November 1948

Election and Zionism.
The BUND Conference.
The Statements on the State of Israel.
Resolutions Adopted by the Conference.
BUND in Sweden on the Assassination of Count Bernadotte.
Heartbreaking Appeal.

Vol, I, No. 12, December 1948

A Regretable Event: Reception for Menachem Begin.
Our Attitude Toward the British Labor Government.
We Will Not Forget.
Declaration of Socialist Principles.
10th Anniversary of B. Vladeck’s Death.
Documents of Shame.
Paul Olberg – 70 Years Old.
New Books.

Vol, II, No. 13, January 1949

New Year’s Day Reflections.
Jews under the Islam.
Behind the Iron-Curtain.
The Polish Socialist Party Trial.
“Stars Bear Witness”–B. Goldstein’s Book.
Excerpts from the Statement of Jewish Socialist Organization in England.
From Our Movement.

Vol, II, No. 14, February 1949

Elections in Israel.
Liquidation of BUND in Poland.
Jews in Rumania.
Jewish and Hebrew.
B. Michalewicz, 20th Anniversary.
Again about Jewish D.P.’s.
Round-Table Discussion on Israel.

Vol, II, No. 15, March 1949

The Murder of a Movement.
What Next in Israeli?
BUND Statement.
S. Mendelsohn – First Anniversary.
From S. Mendelsohn’s Heritage.
From our Movement.

Vol, II, No. 16-17, April-May 1949

May Day, 1949.
Anniversary of Ghetto Uprising.
BUND Youth Resist Communists.
Little Things That Count.
British Colonial Policies.
D-P Camps.
Unser Tsait Gathering.
Liquidation of the BUND in Poland.
Statement on the D-P’s.

Vol, II, No. 18-19, June-July 1949

The American Council for Judaism.
To Our Readers.
The New Immigrants in Israel.
Antisemitism in the Soviet Union?
David Dubinsky Recalls Erlich-Alter Case.
International Socialist Conference in Baarn.
An Important Book.
From Our Movement.

Vol, II, No. 20-21, August-September 1949

Ten Years Ago.
Adolf Bleibtreu.
To Our Readers.
Revival of Nazi Press.
Growing Sentiment for Yiddish.
Anti-Semitism on the Agenda.
B. Hoffman – 75 Years.
From Our Movement.
A Correction.

Vol, III, No. 1-2, January-February 1950

The Status of Jerusalem.
COMISCO on Anti-Semitism.
Executive Session of the BUND.
Statements and Resolutions.
Franz Kursky Dead.
Refugees from Israel.

Vol, III, No. 3-4, March-April 1950

Seventh Anniversary of the Warsaw-Ghetto Uprising.
The Defamers in Reply.
Franz Kursky.
Leon Blum – in Memorium.
Harold Laski.
From Our Movement.

Vol, III, No. 5-6, May-June 1950

World Peace – But No Appeasement.
The International Socialist Conference in Copenhagen.
Reminiscences from Soviet Turkestan
The Conspiracy of Silence.
Two National Conventions.
Eightieth Birthday of Louis de Bruckere.

Vol, III, No. 7-12, July-December 1950

Communism on the March.
Evaluation of Israel–by Prof. L. Hersch.
Conference of BUND in the U. S. and Canada.

Statements Adopted at the BUND Conference;
a. Socialist activities in the U. S. A.
b. Bund’s part in the American Jewish Community.
c. Unity of the Jewish Socialist Movement.
d. Persecution of Yiddish in Israel.
e. Franco Regime in Spain.
f. Anti-Communist Bill.
g. War in Korea.
h. Greetings to the Bund in Israel.

More About “The Stars Bear Witness”.

Vol, IV, No. 1-2, January-February 1951

Let By-Gones Be By-Gones
Against Reprieves for Nazi Criminals
Communism Speaks Chinese
Karl Renner’s Legacy
The Case of Henryk Erlich and Victor Alter
Yiddish Scientific Institute
From Our Movement

Vol, IV, No. 3-5, March-May 1951

May-Day Statement of the Bund
Eighth Anniversary Ghetto Uprising
Third Anniversary of Israel
Reparations from Germany
Plenary Session of Bund Organizations
Salute to the Working Population of Spain
David Dubinsky about the Bund
Ernest Bevin in Memoriam
From Our Movement

Vol, IV, No. 6-10, June-October 1951

United Nations
A Nationalist Impasse
Victor Shulman in Memoriam
Socialist International Re-established
Statement of the World Coordinating Committee of the Bund
Abraham Cahan
From Our Movement

Vol, IV, No. 11-12, November-December 1951

The messages we received on the tenth anniversary of their death

Vol, V, No. 13-14, January-February 1952

1952 – The Crucial Year.
Jewish-Arab Relations.
Jewish Claims Against Germany.
10th Anniversary of H. Erlich and V. Alter.
Ku Klux Klan in Florida.
Ben-Gurion and the American Zionists.
Correspondence: Bund and British Labor Party.
News of Our Movement.

Vol, V, No. 15-17, March-April-May 1952

The Presidential Election Year.
Germany Again in the Headlines.
Israel Passes A Discriminatory Law–Dr. B. Hoffman (Zvion)
David Dubinsky on his Sixtieth Birthday.
May Day Statement of the Central Bureau of the Bund in the United States and Canada.
The Bund in the United States.
Hirsch Lekert’s Legacy: Tribute to a Jewish Hero – Prof. Libman Hersch.
In Memoriam: Sir Stafford Cripps.
Letter to the Editor.
News of Our Movement.

Vol, V, No. 18-24, June-December 1952

Dwight D. Eisenhower – President-Elect.
Anti-Semitism in the Prague “Trial.”
Israel’s Arab Neighbors – I. Artuski.
Bund Archives of the Jewish Labor Movement.
We Shall Never Forget Henryk Erlich and Victor Alter.
Congress of the Socialist International in Milan.
Chaim Weizmann.
John Mill: In Memoriam.
Labor Loses William Green and Philip Murray.
19th Congress of the Russian Communist Party.
News of Our Movement.

Vol, VI, No. 25-27, January-March 1953

On the Tenth Anniversary of the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising.
Message of the Socialist International on the 10th Anniversary of the Warsaw Ghetto.
Moscow’s Campaign Against the Bund.
The Rosenberg Case.
Exhibition of Bund Archives in New York.
The World Without Stalin.
News of Our Movement.