MIA: Subject Archive: Women and Marxism: Catalina Adrianzen

— Catalina Adrianzen —


CATALINA ADRIANZEN, a Peruvian researcher and feminist, founded and led the People's Women's Movement in the central Peruvian Andean city of Huamanga in the 1970s.   This movement was tied to the Communist Party of Peru faction that would eventually become known as the "Shining Path, and throughout the 1970s, Adrianzen directed the party's work amongst women.   

After the Shining Path launched its guerrilla war, which lasted from 1980 until the mid 1990s, Adrianzen directed armed cells in the region of Cuzco.    In 1982 she was arrested in connection to an incendiary attack on an agricultural cooperative.    She was tortured in jail, which left her with emotional scars that led to her internment for several years in psychiatric facilities.    

She later left Peru and settled into exile in Sweden, where she has worked at university.

Marxism, Mariategui, and the Women's Movement, 1974


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