Letters of Olive Shreiner

To T. Fisher Unwin

26th Sept., 1890

I insisted on An African Farm being published at I/ because the book was published by me for working men. I wanted to feel sure boys like Waldo could buy a copy, and feel they were not alone. I have again, last year, at the request of my publisher, allowed it to be printed at 3/6 as I felt sure most poor lads would have it within reach....Dreams is not published by me with the special intention of reaching the poor. I would prefer the rich to have it. If I dedicated it to the public, I should dedicate it "To all Capitalists, Millionaires and Middlemen In England and America and all high and mighty persons. It is a book which will always have its own public of cultured persons who will have it at any price. It will probably be a far more valuable property in 15 or 20 years than it is at present, as the younger generation grows up and the older dies out. I feel this with regard to all my books; therefore except for a very large sum, I will never sell the copyright, nor any right except that of printing them during my pleasure.