Suffragette Images: Cartoons

The Masses, January 1917
"They Aint Our Equals Yet"
Maurice becker
Cleveland Plain Dealer, February 15 1913
"Gen. Rosalie Jones
crossing the Delaware"
(James Donahey)
Harper's Weekly, May 15, 1869
"Sorosis 1869"
(Charles Bush)
Judge, November 9, 1912
"The Only Way"
(John Held, Jr.)
New York Times, December 8, 1912
"Touch Me Not, I'm a Lady"
(Henry Mayer)
Dallas Morning News, August 29, 1920
"The Two Adams: It was My Rib"
(John Knott)
Louisville Times, November 24, 1913
"When Women Have Their Rights"
(Paul Plaschke)
"The Martyr"
(Rolland Kirby)
"The Triumphal March"
(W.K. Chamberlain)
"Packing His Belongings"
(J. Cassell)
"Carry your luggage, lady"
(Nina E. Allender)
"The Cut Direct"