New volunteer Induction Procedure

1.) Create account and set alias.

2.) Update set-permissions script, and/or change groups file if necessary.

3.) Join them to mia-list, and mia-newsletter.

4.) List them in the steering committee page.

5.) Update the local database with all volunteer information.

7.) Send short mail with the temporary password.

8.) Send them this mail:

Welcome aboard! I just sent you your username and password in a terse email for security. Please read the link below to learn how to get setup with us, and be sure to change your password according to the instructions in that link. Note that you must change your password as soon as you can!

Depending on your familiarity with computers, the above setup can take a little time. There are generally two steps in this process; the first is to get your e-mail working, the second is to transfer files to our server. Carefully follow the instructions in the above welcome message, and if you have questions, feel free to ask. We are here to help. :)

In order to maintain and build your archive well, be sure you've read our Administrator's Guidelines ( These guidelines set out how to build a good and lasting directory structure, provide some basic HTML tips, and some helpful resources. Also, please follow all the information on the volunteers page – it is there for your assistance ( You may also benefit from the hints and suggestions on various technical topics here: (in particular, we recommend that you read our guidelines on how to avoid spam:

You have likely already read our introduction (, and you have agreed to follow the MIA Bylaws and Charter ( It is also important you also familiarize yourself with our page on copyrights (, to ensure that we publish legal material.

Our steering committee page ( lists all the volunteers who are currently involved in our project. We'd be happy to post your biography if you'd like to have it up. If you are wondering where MIA came from and what has happened to us in the past, have a read of our history (; another way to access this is to look at the ( archive of our mailing list (use your e-mail address and mailman list password to login). If you're wondering how many readers come to visit the library every month, have a look at our website statistics (! :)

That's it comrade! We're glad to have you with us; volunteer work is our heart and soul. We move forward every day, and we educate new people about Marxism every moment through this good and steady work. Thanks for joining us, and making our united effort that much stronger. Please send a note to, announcing a little about yourself and what you've come here to do. Keep in mind that you must send this mail from your new account - otherwise it won't get through to the list.

If you have any problems or questions, please let me know.