MIA: Administrative: Janitors

MIA Web Page Maintenance



Useful tips for Volunteers

Volunteer Workshop
Welcome message to new volunteers, with basic set-up details
How to make a Volunteer Biography
HTML tutorial
How to convert Word to HTML
Fix Common Mark-up Mistakes.
Guidelines to get copyright permission for a book.
How to convert foreign characters to HTML numeric entities.
HTML document character sets for foreign languages
Unicode charts for foreign languages
How to make a local link redirection (e.g. when you move a file from one location to another).
How to name the files you transcribe.
Check link errors for your archive
Setting up Eudora to read your marxists.org email
Setting up Thunderbird to read your marxists.org email
Setting up a MIA booth for a real world event
How to avoid spam with your marxists.org email
Change your password (authentication required)
How to upload files to the server
Setting up GNU for marxists.org
Download Notepad++ - an HTML Editor for PCs
HFFR.exe for PCs - HandyFile Find-and-Replace
Making an eBook for marxists.org
Making an audiobook for marxists.org
How to scan and make PDF's for marxists.org [draft!]
Moving an Archive to a new location without causing bad links
Why a certain writer is missing from the MIA
Looking for a Quote on the MIA


Personal computer scripts

Using Grep to find and replace text within a file
AppleScript for converting OCR Tables
AppleScript downloads: Clean Omnipage Pro NS4 output


janitor Administrative Maintenance tasks for janitors

Create a new account
Traffic monitoring
Link Checks and other quality reports
Determine idle time of an account
Find and Replace text across many files
Locate invalid characters in HTML