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Howto setup an MIA email account in Mozilla Thunderbird


These instructions apply to Thunderbird (version 2.4, English). Earlier versions (or other language versions) may vary slightly from the following. For security reasons, please upgrade to the latest version compatible with your OS.
Unless an email account is already set up, the Account Wizard should start automatically. If not, it is available from the Tools menu: Click "Account Actions""Add mail account...".
I. The Account Wizard
  1. Mail Account Setup
    • Your Name: John Bloggs
    • Email Address: (i.e., your alias)
    • Click "Continue" and all server settings should be auto-detected except the username.
    • Click "Manual config" and change the username.

  2. Verify server information
    • Incoming: IMAP Server hostname: Port: 993 SSL: SSL/TLS Authentication: Normal password
    • Outgoing: SMTP Server hostname: Port: 587 SSL: STARTTLS Authentication: Normal password
    • Username: jbloggs
Server settings
II. Remember passwords (optional)
When you open your mailbox or send an e-mail, you will be prompted for your username and/or password. The Password Manager allows you to save this information on your computer and protect it with a master password.
  1. From the Tools menu, click on "Options ...", select "Security" and select the "Passwords" tab.

  2. Check "Use a master password".
    • Set a master password by clicking on the "Change Master Password ..." button. You can also edit passwords and user names by clicking on "Saved Passwords...".


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