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MIA Volunteers and Administrators

About the Archive
[contact-mia (-@-)]
MIA Admin Committee

Adam Buick
[alb232 (-@-)]
SPGB Section Administrator

Adam Pal
[adampal (-@-)]
Urdu, Sindhi, Pashto and Hindi Language Section Administrator

Adrien Verlee
[adrienv (-@-)]
Dutch Language Section Administrator

Alexander Ustinov
[alexander.ustinovv (-@-)]
Russian Language Volunteer

Alexander Voronkov
[alexanderv (-@-)]
Russian Language Administrator

Ali Batha
[alib (-@-)]
Arabic Language Archive Administrator

Alvaro Miranda
[alvarom (-@-)]
Proofreading Volunteer

An Ha Ho
[vanya (-@-)]
Vietnamese Language Section Administrator

Andy Blunden
[andyb (-@-)]
Reference Archive
Marx/Engels and others
Editor of the Encyclopedia of Marxism
Hegel Archive Administrator

Andy Carloff
[holdoffhunger (-@-)]
Anarchist Writers Administrator

Anton P.
Glossary Volunteer

[aske1964 (-@)]
Farsi Language Section Volunteer

[afen01 (-@)]
Chinese Language Administrator

Bill Wright
[billw (-@)]
August Bebel Archive Administrator
Louis Boudin Archive Administrator
Karl Kautsky Archive Administrator
Wilhelm Liebknecht Archive Administrator

Chris Gilligan
[chrisg (-@)]
Raya Dunayevskaya Archive Administrator

Christopher Hill
[chrish (-@-)]
Ricardo Flores Magon, Antoinette Konikow and Práxedis Guerrero Archive Volunteer

Christos Kefalis
[chrkefal (-@)]
Greek Language Section Volunteer

Daniel Gaido
ETOL and General Volunteer

Daniela Penkova
[dokumentalni2 (-@-)]
Bulgarian Archive Administrator

Darren O’Neil
SPGB Volunteer

David Adams
[d.wayne.adams34 (-@-)]
Deborin, Yudin, Malenkov, Secchia Archive Volunteer

David Walters
[davidwalters (-@-)] ETOL, Lenin Archive Administrator

Deniz Muratlı
denizm (-@-)]
Turkish Language Volunteer and Translator

D. Whitehead
[whitehead (-@-)]
SPGB volunteer

Einde O’Callaghan
[eindeo (-@-)]
German Archive
Connolly, Draper, Cliff, Bax, Hallas, Kidron, Rakovsky, Serge, Tressell, Bernstein, Radek, ETOL Administrator
Proofreading Coordinator

Elita de Medeiros
Portuguese Language Section Translator Volunteer

Gal Yanco
[galy (-@)]
Hebrew Language Section Administrator

Hausler Emil
Magyar Language Section Administrator

Fivos Makridis
[foivery (-@)]
Greek Language Section Volunteer

Fernando Araújo
[fernandoa (-@)]
Portuguese Language Section Volunteer and Former Administrator

Francesco Merli
[francescom (-@-)]
Ted Grant Archive Administrator

[com71 (-@-)]
French language section, Barta Administrator

Gary Wilson
[garyw (-@-)]
Sam Marcy Archive Administrator

Gavin G.
[gaving (-@-)]
Henry Winston Archive Administrator

Giacomo Turci
[giacomoposta (-@-)]
Italian language section Administrator

Giorgi Kobakhidze
[giorgi.kobakhidze.2 (-@-)]
Georgian Languages Administrator

Graham Seaman
[grahams (-@-)]
William Morris Archive Administrator

Guillem Gomez
[ggbedeval (-@-)]
Esperanto Volunteer

Habib Ullah
Urdu Language Volunteer

Hans de Leer
[hansdl (-@-)]
English F. D. Nieuwenhuis Archive Volunteer

Igor Bogetić
Serbo-Croatian Language Section Volunteer

Imtaz Husain
Urdu Language Section Volunteer

Jaume López
Catalan Language Administrator

Jοnas Hοlmgren
[jonash (-@-)]
Swedish Language; Marx/Engels Administrator

Jοοnas Laine
[jοonasl (-@-)]
Finnish Language Administrator

Jay Blackwood
[jayblackwood (-@)]
Proofreading volunteer

José André Lôpez Gonçâlez
[j.andrelopez.g (-@)]
Galego translation Volunteer

Juan Fajardo
[juanf (-@-)]
Spanish Language
Mariátegui Archive Administrator

Kaj Henriksson
[kaj.henriksson (-@-)]
Finnish (Suomi) Language Volunteer

Kamil Gończyk
[polishynell (-@-)]
Polish Language Section Administrator

Kaveh Boveiri
Farsi Language Volunteer

[noferesti.keyvan (-@-)]
Farsi Language Administrator

Ken'itiro Sigezi
[kenitiros (-@)]
Japanese Language Section Volunteer

Konstantin Shelikhov
[konstantins (-@-)]
Russian Language Volunteer

Lam Chi
[lamc (-@-)]
Chinese Language Section Administrator

Leonardo Battisti
[leonardob (-@-)]
Italian Language Volunteer

Liviu Iacob
[liviu-iacob (-@-)]
Romanian Language, Lenin X-Language index Administrator, Audiobooks volunteer

Logarito Nguyen
[logarito (-@-)]
Vietnamese Language Section Volunteer

Lucas Schweppenstette
[lucasc (-@-)]
Portuguese Language Section Administrator

Lucas Fernandes
Twitter feed Administrator

Magnus Bernhardsen
[magnusb (-@-)]
Norwegian Language Section Volunteer

Malcolm N.
EROL Volunteer

Martin Fahlgren
[smartinf71 (-@)]
Swedish Language Trotsky Archive Administrator

Micah Muer
[micahm (-@)]
Left Communism Subject Archive Administrator
Proofreading coordinator

Mike B.
[mikeb (-@)]
Greek Civil War; India Subject Archives
N. Sedova Trotsky, Bhagat Singh,
Zhou Enlai, Josip Tito Archives
Co-Admin: Greek Archive

Michael Schauerte
[japan.wsm (-@)]
Marxism in Japan Archive Volunteer

Mikita Tsikhanovich
[mikitat (-@)]
Russian Language Section Volunteer

Mitch Abidor
[mabidor (-@)]
French et al History, Anarchism, translations Volunteer

Maxwell Gorsky
[maxwell.gorsky (-@)]
Russian Language Section Volunteer

Morad Shirin
[morad.shirin (-@)]
Farsi Language Section Administrator

Mykola Kalenchuk
[mykolak (-@)]
Ukrainian Language Section Administrator

Nenad Markovic
[nenadkg034 (-@)]
Serbo-Croatian Language Section Administrator

Orestes P.
Greek Language Section Administrator

Pablo Stern
[pstern-mia (-@-)]
eBooks Administrator

Paul Costello
[saba.costello (-@-)]
Encyclopedia of Anti-Revisionism On-Line (EROL)

Philip Davis
[DAVISPA4 (-@-)]
Clara Fraser Archive

Philip Højme
[philiph (-@-)]
Danish Language Archive Volunteer

Philip Mooney
[philipm (-@-)]
William Z. Foster, Fred Hampton & Huey P. Newton Archive Administrator

Pierre Marshall
[pierre.marshall (-@-)]
Archives of CPGB and other British Marxists

Rhys Harrison
[rhedders (-@-)]
Esperanto Volunteer

G.LL. Williams
[rgllwilliams (-@-)]
Encyclopedia Volunteer

Russell Dale
[rdale (-@-)]
Philosophy Reference Section Administrator

Salil Sen
India Subject Archive Volunteer

Sally Mju
[sallymju (-@-)]
Vietnamese Language Section Volunteer

Sam Berner
Arabic Language Archive Volunteer

Sibghat Wyne
Urdu Language Section Volunteer

Simoun Magsalin
[simounm (-@-)]
Tagalog Language Section Administrator, Philippine History Archive Administrator, Anarchist Writers Volunteer

Steve Palmer
[stevenp (-@-)]
Archive of Henryk Grossman and other economists Administrator

Ted Crawford
ETOL volunteer
Copyleft crusader

[indonesia (-@-)]
Indonesian Language Section Administrator

Tim Davenport
[ShoeHutch (-@-)]
Early American Marxism Volunteer

Violet Jane Evans
[violetjaneevans (-@-)]
Leslie Feinberg Archive Administrator

Vishnu Bachani
[vishnub (-@-)]
Mengistu Haile Mariam Archive Administrator

Vukasin Potic
[vukasinp (-@-)]
Glossary volunteer

Yakov Perelman
[yakovp (-@-)]
Trotsky eBook Section Volunteer

[yitzakmia (-@-)]
Palestine History Section Volunteer

Macedonian Language Section Administrator

Zvonko Dan
Serbo-Croatian Language Section Volunteer

Français Volunteers
[miafr (-@-)]
French Language volunteers

URDU Group
[mia_urdu (-@-)]
Urdu language Admin, and Volunteers, also for other languages in the region.

Administrative Committees

While the Steering Committee consists of every volunteer and administrator of MIA, there are several committees on MIA that fulfill the many administrative tasks necessary for keeping this organisation in good order. The committees we have fulfilling these functions are not complete, we’d both like more volunteers in each committee, and the formation of new committees in areas we are not addressing here. For example, an organising committee (for getting more volunteers, merging with other online projects, etc.), a legal committee (for securing rights from publishers, ensuring compliance, etc.), and others. Please write to the MIA Admins with your ideas—any MIA volunteer can form a committee. You can find the information and work these committees produce in our administrative pages.

Finance: (Juan Fajardo) This group pays our bills and keeps all our accounts in good order.

Janitors: (Andy Blunden & Jοnas Hοlmgren) This committee is a catch-all ‘clean-up’ committee which performs System Administration, directory and HTML architecture, diagnosing and correcting link problems, maintaining administrative pages, and creating new efficient methods of working on MIA.

Technical: (Jοnas Hοlmgren & Graham Seaman) This group looks after server admin, email services and technical matters in general.

Languages: (Juan Fajardo) The development of MIA language sections is critical to building a truly international library useful to all people. This Committee helps bring together the efforts of multiple languages, whether in cross-indexing authors, sharing resources and recruiting new volunteers/organisations/external websites into MIA.

MIA Admins: (Andy Blunden, Juan Fajardo, Jοnas Hοlmgren, Philip Mooney, Einde O’Callaghan, Graham Seaman, David Walters, Micah Muer, Zdravko Saveski) These administrators have been volunteers of MIA for several years and administrate multiple different sections in broad collaborative efforts. When some archive needs work done but doesn’t have any volunteer responsible for it, one of these administrators will do the work. These administrators are considered representatives of MIA, and answer and/or redirect all general mail that comes into MIA. At times this committee will discuss minor administrative matters that are not significant enough to bring up to the steering committee, but this is a fairly rare thing.

News: (David Walters) that all updates to the archive are made known to all of our volunteers and readers who subscribe to our newsletter.

Secretary: (Andy Blunden) This role is the only elected position at MIA. The Secretary manages the debates, agenda, and voting of the steering committee.

Reading the Paper


Zodiac: Initiated our project in 1991. For 6 years built up an archive of Marxism on the internet. Main contributions were building a digital movement of Marxism, transcribing the classics of Marx and Engels, along with later initiating archives for other writers including Lenin, Mao, and others, and transcribing some of their main works.

Brian Baggins: Brian joined in 1997 and with five other volunteers, he laid the cornerstones of today’s MIA. In addition to his many technical contributions behind the scenes, Brian developed many prominent sections for MIA, including the History Archive.

Sally Ryan: (1996 to 2003) Kept thriving in difficult circumstances during 1997–1999; assisted in the creation and collaboration between and Supported women’s rights in MIA like no other volunteer by transcribing a tremendous amount of women’s writings and dealing with Marxist subjects traditionally considered ‘unimportant’ by men – e.g. the family, children, and literature. Played a very important role in the Subject Archives, including the creation of the essential “Women and Marxism Section” and initiated early massive contributions to the Encyclopedia of Marxism, contributing hundreds of political biographies and more. Created and ran archives for Eleanor Marx, Kollontai, and Shachtman. Regular contributor to the ETOL, Kautsky, and the Art and Marxism archives.

Tim Delaney: (Mar. 1998 to Feb. 2000) Administered the Marx/Engels and Lenin Archive’s with dedication and consistent effort. Spent three years volunteering on MIA, completing the transcription of the difficult Grundrisse, and leading the efforts to transcribe Capital Volumes 2 and 3. Provided critical assistance when transitioning from to in the summer of 1998, and served as one of our few main contributors for years.

Jørn Andersen: (Nov 1998 to Nov 2001) Created the MIA “Non-English Archives”. Contributed vast amounts of materials in many languages. Built ties with non-MIA organisations, and convinced many to mirror or migrate their works into our archives. Jørn’s contribution was absolutely critical to our development as an international and multi-lingual organisation.

Wojtek: Worked for many years as the Polish Section Administrator.

Hasan: (Feb. 2004 to January 2012) Created Urdu Section and stimulated expansion in South Asian languages, member of Admin. Ctee. until his death in 2012.

Robert Cymbala: (2001 to 2005). Worked extensively in organizing much of the transcription of the Lenin Collected Works for the V.I. Lenin Internet Archive. Worked as an Administrator for the Archive. Also contributed to the technical administration of the MIA.

Brian Reid: (2006 to 2010). Worked across all sections of the English language, creating new archives for scores of members of the various sections of the Comintern.

Karol Bóna:  Worked for many years as an administrator of the Czech and Slovak Language Sections.  We were saddened to learn of his death in January 2024.

M. Sivalingam: Volunteered as the Tamil Language Section Administrator from 2010 until his death in March 2024.


The following former volunteers have moved on from the M.I.A. since January 2007:

Ivan A. (Italian volunteer), Chandrika Adhikari (Sinhala), Ardhendu & Anuradha (Mishra Archive), H. Antonn (Greek Language), Alek Atevik (Macedonian Language), Aye Aye Soe Win (Burmese Language), Manuela Barz, Basu (Mazumdar Archive volunteer), Biswaroop Bhowmick (Bangla Language), Blossius (Greek Language Section), Jose Braz (Portuguese Language Section), Susan Campbell, Marcus Carlstedt (Swedish Language Section), Rong Chai (Chinese Section), Matthew Carson (Althusser Archive), Christian (Ho-Chi-Minh, Le Duan Reference Archives), Chris Clayton (Proofreader, miscellaneous writers in English language section), Chan Clovis (Chinese Archive), Jock Daborn (Damen Archive), Russell Dale (Philosophy Subject Section), Juliana Danielle (Portuguese Language Section), Rick Denkers (Assistant on Dutch language Archive), Jeppe Druedahl (Dansk Language Section), Arno Dusart (Dutch Archive), Anon. (Portuguese Language), Clare Fester (Yiddish), Rogerio Freitas (Portuguese Language), Dawn Gaitis, Emiliano Gentili (Italian Section), Kevin Goins (Proofreading, Lenin Archive), Burak Gönen (Turkish Language), Stevan Gostojić (Serbo-Croatian Section), Youzhong Guo (Chinese language Administrator), Mark Harris (Russian Language, Marx-Engels downloads), Franco Iacomella (Spanish Language Section), Jaragua (El Salvador), Behzad Javaheri (Farsi Language volunteer), Wajdi (Arabic Administrator), Jiang Hong Sheng (Chinese Volunteer), Stephane Julien (French Language Section), Amin Kazemi (Farsi Admin), Andrew Lannan (eBooks), Jon Knowles (EROL), Ben Lewis (German translation), Alexander Linares (Portuguese Language Section), Mahmoud (French Language Section), Ivan Menjivar (San Salvador History), Mohammad Basirul Haq Sinha (Bangla Language Section), Nikos Loudos (Greek Language Section), Goran Maric (Macedonian Language Section), Rolf Martens (Swedish Language Maoist Writers), Alyx Mayer (Lenin Archive), Damon Maxwell (Dunayevskaya et al.), Anon. (Portuguese Language Section), Albero Mondragon (Spanish), Annes Muzaferija (Serbo-Croatian), Alex Nice (writer archive), Örn Ólafsson (Islenska), Patrik Olofsson (Swedish Language Section), Hüseyin Olgaç (Turkish section), Anon. (Portuguese Language Section), Orestes (Greek section), Philippe (French Language), Andy Pollack (ETOL Volunteer), Luka Pregelj (Slovenian Language Section), Salar Rasheed (Kurdish Language Section), Razmik (Armenian, Farsi Language Sections), Brian Reid (English Language section), Julio Rodriguez (Spanish Language Section), Miika Salo (Finnish Language), Sanjaya Jayasekera (Sinhala), Sanjeewa (Sinhala Language section), Thomas Schmidt (German Section), Decabrata Sen (Hindi translation), Sanjaya Jayasekera (Sinhala Language Section), Steve Painter (Bob Gould Archive), Devabrata Sen (Hindi Language), Sukla Sen (India Subject Section Volunteer), Umar Shahid (Indian Subject Section), Clara Statello (Italian Section), Frans-Arne Stylegar (Norsk Language), Konstantine Thoukydidis (eBooks), Candela Touza-Vidal (Galego Language), Emerson Tung (Australian Labour History Volunteer), Rafael Duarte Oliveira Venâncio (Portuguese Language Section), Erna Van der Walde (German Language section), Maarten V (Dutch language, Technical team), Emil (Ted Grant Archive), Lyndon White (EROL), Sameera Withanage (Sinhala Language Section), Yashar (Azeri Language Section), Julia Zakharova (Luria), Ziaul Abedin (Bangla Language volunteer).
And prior to 2007 many more.