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Sivalingam M.

I am a citizen of India, residing in Tamil Nadu, India and my mother tongue is Tamil.

Initially I was a poet and transformed into a marxist in my college days. I was a trade union activist in 1970's and 80's. I ran a Marxist study group called 'Philosophical Thought' (’தத்துவ சிந்தனை’) in those days. I published a Tamil Literary Magazine 'Era' (’சகாப்தம்’) with Marxist writings.

Educational Qualification:
I have five masters degrees in different areas of knowledge:M.Sc. [Mathemeatics], M.A. [Tamil Literature], M.L. [Labour Law], M.B.A. [Human Resource Management], M.C.A. [Computer Applications]

Work Experience:
I worked 33 years in the Dept. of Telecom, Govt. of India as Maintenance Engineer at various levels. I worked in Computer Environment for many years. I developed many software applications and implemented in my Department. I voluntarily retired on May, 2007.

Teaching Experience:
Teaching Marxism to workers, students and intellectuals from 1975 onwards. Now I am taking classes on Marxism in a discussion group called 'Centre for Marxian Thought' (’மார்க்ஸியச் சிந்தனை மையம்’). I have 7 year experience in teaching computer technologies to employees, excutives and university students.

Writing Experience:
In the years 1993-2006 I wrote articles in Tamil Magazines on Computer Technology. I have published 11 books on Computer Subjects including School/College/University text books all in Tamil Language. I presented 7 research papers in various Internatioanal Conferences conducted by International Forum for Information Technology in Tamil. Now I am translating Marx-Engels' works in Tamil.

Web Experience:
I am running two websites http://www.sivalingam.in and http://www.marxism.in with Tamil content, one for myself and another for the group 'Centre for Marxian Thought' respectively. I am publishing all types of my writings in the former and Tamil translation of Marxist Literature in the latter. I personally designed the pages of these websites.

MIA Experience:
I joined MIA in January, 2010. I have been alloted the job of Administrator for the Tamil Language Section. I can be contacted at sivalingam@marxists.org.