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Looking for a Quote on the MIA?

We frequently have people asking us questions like: “Where can I find where Lenin said ‘I will dominate the world before I am 30?’” Of course Lenin never said any such thing and this is the case with most such enquiries we get. If it was a genuine quote you would have already found it using our site search at

Some of our archives have dedicated site searches, see for example.

The Marx-Engels Archive.
The Hegel Archive.
The Psychology Subject Section.

Also, we have a number of Collections of Famous Quotes, covering Marx, Engels, Lenin, Trotsky, Hegel, Mao and a wide variety of communist writers.

Note that the quotes on the Marxists Internet Archive are all sourced. Few pages of “Famous Quotes” on the internet bother to give the source, and most are full of bogus quotes. A source of reliable quotes is WikiQuote.

If you can’t find the quote through one of these avenues, contact the MIA Admin Ctee and we would be delighted to help. It’s a great sport for us!

MIA Admin. Ctee.