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One is Not Born a Personality. Profiles of Soviet Educational Psychologists, by Karl Levitin

Vasily Davydov

Types of Generalization in Instruction, 1990

* * *

D.B Elkonin

The Problem of Stages in the Mental Development of Children, 1971

* * *

Erich Fromm

Trotzky's Diary in Exile, 1935
Character and Social Process,
Individual and Social Origins of Neurosis, 1944
The Influence of Social Factors in Child Development, 1958
Summerhill - A Radical Approach to Child Rearing, 1960
Human Nature and Social Theory, 1969

* * *

Evald Ilyenkov

Dialectics of the Abstract & Concrete, 1960
Dialectical Logic, 1974
Activity and Knowledge, 1974
Concept of the Ideal, 1977
Leninist Dialectics & Metaphysics of Positivism, 1979

* * *

A.N Leontev

Activity and Consciousness, 1977
Activity, Consciousness and Personality, 1978

* * *

A.R Luria

The Child and his Behavior, 1930
Cognitive Development: Its Social and Cultural Foundations, 1976

* * *

V. A. Lektorsky

Subject Object Cognition, 1980
The Dialectic of Subject and Object and the Methodology of Science, 1977

* * *

Alexander Meshcheryakov

Awakening to Life, 1974

* * *

Feliks Mikhailov

The Riddle of the Self, 1976

* * *

Georges Politzer

Critique of the Foundations of Psychology, 1928

* * *

Lucien Sève

An Embryonic Science: The Psychology of Personality, 1974
Human Personality and Historical Materialism, 1974

* * *

Lev Vygotsky

Consciousness as a problem in the Psychology of Behavior, 1925
The Psychology of Art, 1925
Educational Psychology, 1926
Historical meaning of the crisis in Psychology, 1927
The Problem of the Cultural Development of the Child, 1929
The Fundamental Problems of Defectology, 1929
The Socialist alteration of Man, 1930
Primitive Man and his Behavior, c. 1930
Adolescent Pedagogy, 1931
On the Problem of the Psychology of the Actor’s Creative Work, 1932
Play and its role in the Mental development of the Child, 1933
Thinking and Speech, 1934
Table of Contents for L S Vygotsky’s Collected Works

* * *

Valentin Voloshinov

Marxism and the Philosophy of Language, 1929

* * *

Henri Wallon

The Role of the Other in the Consciousness of the Ego, 1946
The Psychological and Sociological Study of the Child, 1947
The Origins of Thought in the Child, 1947
Psychology and Dialectical Materialism, 1951
Genetic Psychology, 1956
Interview with Henri Wallon, 1961
The Psychological Development of the Child, 1965

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