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“There is no hope of finding the sources of free action in the lofty realms of the mind or in the depths of the brain. The idealist approach of the phenomenologists is as hopeless as the positive approach of the naturalists. To discover the sources of free action it is necessary to go outside the limits of the organism, not into the intimate sphere of the mind, but into the objective forms of social life; it is necessary to seek the sources of human consciousness and freedom in the social history of humanity. To find the soul it is necessary to lose it". A.R Luria


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Biography: A brief overview of Luria's life and work, by Michael Cole
The Enduring Contributions of A. R. Luria, by Michael Cole

Photo Archive


Psychology in Russia, September 1928
The Problem of Cultural Behavior of the Child, (PDF) December 1928
The Development of Writing in the Child, 1929
The Child and his Behavior, Chapter 3: Ape, Primitive Man, and Child: Essays in the History of Behaviour, c. 1930.
The Nature of Human Conflicts, 1932
Psychopathological Research in the U.S.S.R., 1957
Experimental analysis of the development of voluntary action in children, 1957
An Objective Investigation of The Dynamics of Semantic Systems, May 1959
The Directive Function of Speech in Development and Dissolution, December 1959
Disorders of Simultaneous Perception in a Case of Bilateral Occipitorparietal Brain Injury, 1959
Differences Between Disturbance of Speech and Writing in Russian and French, 1960
An objective study of ocular movement and their control, 1962
Disorders of Ocular Movement in a Case of Simultanagnosia, with E.N. Pravdina-Vinarskaya & A.L. Yarbuss, 1963
The Programming of Constructive Activity in Local Brain Injuries, with L.S. Tsvetkova, January 1964
An Experimental Analysis of The Behavioral Disturbance Produced by A Left Frontal Arachnoidal Endothelioma (Meningioma), with K.H. Pribram & E.D. Homskaya, 1964
Factors and Forms of Aphasia, 1964
Neuropsychology in the local diagnosis of brain damage, 1964
Two kinds of Motor Perseveration in Massive Injury of the Frontal Lobes, 1965
Disturbances of active visual perception with lesions of the frontal lobes, with B.A. Karpov & A.L. Yarbuss, 1966
The Origin and Cerebral Organization of Man's conscious action, 1969
Metaprinciples in Luria's neuropsychology, 1971
The Problem, Chapter 1: Cognitive Development: Its Social and Cultural Foundations, 1976.

The Making of Mind, A Personal Account of Soviet Psychology, publ. 1979.


Archive of the Works of Alexander Luria, at the University of California, San Diego


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