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“‘It is dialectics that has given psychology its stability and its meaning, and which has delivered psychology from the alternatives of elementary materialism or vapid idealism, of crude substantialism or hopeless irrationalism. Through dialectics psychology is able to be at once a natural science and a human science, thus abolishing the division between consciousness and things that spiritualism has sought to impose on the universe. Marxist dialectics has enabled psychology to comprehend the organism and its environment, in constant interaction, as a single, unified whole. And finally, in Marxist dialectics, psychology has a tool for explaining the conflicts out of which the individual must evolve his behaviour and develop his personality.”. Psychology and Dialectical Materialism



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Psychology and Dialectical Materialism, 1942
Role of the Other in Consciousness of the Ego, 1946
The Origins of Thought in the Child, 1947
The psychological and pociological study of the Child, 1947
Genetic Psychology, 1956
Interview with Henri Wallon, 1961
The Psychological Development of the Child, 1965

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