E. Belfort Bax, H.M. Hyndman
& H. Quelch

The International Socialist Congress of 1913

(5 October 1912)

E. Belfort Bax, H.M. Hyndman & H. Quelch, International Socialist Congress 1913, Justice, 5th October 1912, p.4. (letter) [1]
Transcribed by Ted Crawford.
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We gladly publish the following protest, although we greatly regret that the occasion for it should have arisen. We trust that it will receive the approval and endorsement of all International Socialists who agree with us that there is no valid ground for the postponement of the Congress, and very important and urgent reasons why it should be held:–

We, the undersigned hereby, enter our indignant protest against the proposal of the Dutch Social-Democratic Party, supported by the German Social-Democratic Party to postpone the Congress summoned by the International Socialist Congress of Copenhagen for 1913 until the year 1914.

This endeavour to override the decision the Copenhagen Congress arrived at after the fullest possible discussion, is unworthy of the record and traditions of the great German Party as well as directly opposed to the principles of Democracy.

The International Socialist Congress is the only governing body of International Socialism. it is not, therefore, in the power of any National Socialist Parties, or even of the International Socialist Bureau, to postpone the Congress of 1913.

The state of affairs in Vienna is no worse than it was when the Austrian Socialists invited the assembled delegates to their city. If it is, another centre can at once be chosen.

Never in the entire history of the International Socialist movement was the meeting of the Congress at an early date more imperative than it is to-day, its postponement would, in our opinion, be not only undemocratic and improper, but distinctly injurious to the Socialist cause.


E. Belfort Bax
H.M. Hyndman
H. Quelch



1. A letter of protest by Bax, Hyndman and Quelch at the cancellation of the congress.


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