MIA: Library: Mary Beard, Woman as a Force in History, 1946

Mary Beard

Mary Beard 1946

Woman as a Force in History.
A study in Traditions and Realities

First Published: by Macmillan, New York 1946;
Transcribed: for marxists.org by Andy Blunden.



I. Everybody’s Interest: Man and Woman

II. Attitudes of Women

III. Attitudes of Men

IV. The Haunting Idea: Its Nature and Origin

V. Sway of the Idea in the United States

VI. The Challenge of Legislation and Equity

VII. Equality as the Escape from Subjection

VIII. Theory of Subjection Tested by Long Legal History

IX. Woman in the Age of Faith: “Judge of Equity”

X. Force of Woman in Mediaeval Economic and Social Life

XI. Evidences in Mediaeval Educational and Intellectual Interests

XII. Woman as Force in Long History


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