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Daniel Bensaïd



The roots of the crisis, Summer 1980

Eight Months of the Left Government in France, January 1982

The 1976 Lebanese civil war, October 1982

The Meaning of May '68, May 1988

France: Neo-Liberal Reform and Popular Rebellion, January 1996

How left is Left in Europe? New Centre, Third Way, December 1998

The Baggage of Exodus, 2000

French Jews for Palestinian Rights, October 2000 (with Marcel-Francis Kahn, Stanislas Tomkiewicz & Pierre Vidal-Naquet)

The Mole and the Locomotive, March 2001

Leninism in the 21st century, November 2001

“Leaps, Leaps, Leaps” – Lenin and Politics, July 2002

Operation ‘Bullshit Unlimited’, August 2002

Principles flouted – on the PT (Brazil), September 2002

Alain Badiou and the Miracle of the Event, 2004

Theses of resistance, December 2004

On a Recent Book by John Holloway, 2005

Screams and spit, 2005

Letter to the comrades of the Democracia socialista (DS-PT), Brazil (with Michael Lowy & Francisco Louça), January 2005

Why our German friends are wrong on EU Constitution (with 5 others), May 2005

The party and the period (interview), November 2005

Stalinism and Bolshevism, December 2005

France: “The question of a link between workers and students is immediate”, March 2006

On the return of the politico-strategic question, August 2006

The French elections and our strategic project, April 2007

Thirty years after – A critical introduction to the Marxism of Ernest Mandel, July 2007

France – From the LCR to the NPA (with 11 others), December 2008

A page has been turned (the formation of the NPA) (interview), 5 February 2009

Foundation of the NPA (France)– “We need to create a common culture” (interview), 12 February 2009

“It is time to define the strategy” (interview), 2 October 2009

Notes on recent developments in the European radical Left, December 2009

The powers of communism, December 2009


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