Cecilia Bobrovskaya History Archive

Twenty Years in Underground Russia: Memoirs of a Rank-and-File Bolshevik

Source: International Publishers, printed in the Soviet Union, 1934
Transcription/Markup: Sally Ryan
Online Version: Cecilia Bobrovskaya History Archive (marxists.org) 2002


I. My Parental Home. I go to Warsaw
II. My First Trip Abroad
III. Work in Kharkov
IV. I go "Underground"
V. My First Period of Work "Underground"
VI. Abroad Once More
VII. Work in the Caucasus
VIII. Moscow
IX. My Unsuccessful Rest
X. In Kostroma Again
XI. My Brief Secretaryship
XII. In Ivanovo-Voznesensk
XIII. The "Okruzhka"
XIV. The Sequel
XV. In Moscow Again