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Brown completed an engineering apprenticeship in the Tyneside shipyards, where he was elected as a shop steward. He served as Communist Party Industrial Organiser for the North East of England.

Brown worked in the motor industry of the West Midlands during the Depression, when he became an Anarchist. He joined the grouping around Spain and the World.

Brown was on the Editorial Board of the Anarchist Federation of Britain which changed its name to the Syndicalist Workers’ Federation and affiliated to the International Workers’ Association.

Brown was concerned in two important dockworkers strikes.

Brown served as spokesperson for a residents protest group in London that opposed the opening of brothels in their area. On his way home from working a nightshift he was beaten with iron clubs.


The Social General Strike. Why 1926 Failed, 1946.
Into Battle with the Bazooka Bands, 1963.
School for Syndicalism, 1964.