Nikolai Bukharin

Programme of the World Revolution

(May 1918)

Published by the Socialist Labour Press, Glasgow 1920.
Transcribed & marked up by Einde O’Callaghan for the Marxists’ Internet Archive.

Publisher’s Preface

I. The Reign of Capital, the Working Class, and the Poorer Elements of the Village Population

II. Plundering Wars – The Oppression of the Working Classes, and the Beginning of the Fall of Capitalism

III. General Sharing, or Co-operative Communist Production

IV. An Anarchist or a Communist Order

V. To Communism Through Proletarian Dictatorship

VI. A Soviet Government or a Bourgeois Republic?

VII. Freedom for the Working Class and the Poorest Elements of the Peasantry; Restrictions for the Bourgeoisie

VIII. Banks, the Common Property of the Workers. Nationalisation of Banks

IX. Industry to Belong to the Working Class

X. Communal Cultivation of Public Land

XI. Workers’ Management of Production

XII. Bread – Only for the Workers. Compulsory Labour Service for the Rich

XIII. A Systematic Distribution of Products. The Abolition of Trade, Profits, and Speculation. Co-operative Communes

XIV. Labour Discipline of the Working Class and the Poorest Elements of the Peasantry

XV. The End of the Power of Money. “State Finances” and Financial Economy in the Soviet Republic

XVI. No Trade Communication Between the Russian Bourgeoisie and Foreign Imperialists

XVII. Spiritual Liberation – The Next Step to Economic Liberation

XVIII. The People Armed to Defend Their Gains

XIX. The Liberation of Nations


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