Wilfred Burchett 1946

Democracy with a Tommygun

Source: Democracy with a Tommygun Wilfred G. Burchett;
Published: by Wadley & Ginn, London 1946;
Transcribed: by Emerson Tung for marxists.org 2007.
Public Domain:This work is completely free.



1. First Glance at China

2. The Burmese and their Problems

3. A Closer Look at China

4. The Goodness, Honesty and Dignity of China

5. The Pao-An Guerillas

6. Farewell to China

7. Counter-Attack from India

8. Life and Death in China

9. The World's Largest Question Mark

10. "Australia Through Coloured Glasses"

11. The Streets of Melbourne

12. On the Way to Victory

13. Floating Air Power

14. Annihilation by Fire

15. The Philippine Guerillas