What Is Marxism?. Emile Burns 1939


A Handbook of Marxism (Gollancz). This contains selections from the works of Marx, Engels, Lenin and Stalin, covering many aspects of Marxism.

Capital, Karl Marx (Three Vols., Charles Kerr).

Value, Price and Profit, Marx (International Bookshop).

Wage Labour and Capital, Marx (International Bookshop).

The Civil War in France (The Paris Commune of 1871) Marx. (Lawrence and Wishart).

Anti-Duhring (A general statement of the Marxist view of nature, economics and society, written in reply to a critic). F. Engels (Lawrence and Wishart).

Socialism Utopian and Scientific. (This is part of Anti-Duhring, with a special introduction), F. Engels (Current Book Distributors).

The State and Revolution, Lenin (International Bookshop).

The State, Lenin. (These two booklets deal in detail with the capitalist state). (Current Book Distributors).

Manifesto of the Communist Party, Marx and Engels. (International Bookshop).

Leninism, Stalin, (Allen and Unwin).

The United Front, Dimitrov. (Lawrence and Wishart).

The Coming Struggle for Power, Strachey. (Gollancz).

Capitalism, Communism and the Transition, Emile Burns. (Gollancz).

World Politics, 1918-1936, Palme Dutt. (Gollancz).

The Marxist Philosophy and the Sciences, Prof. J. B. S. Haldane. (Allen and Unwin).

A Textbook of Marxist Philosophy, John Lewis. (Gollancz).

Dialectical and Historical Materialism. (Quotations from the works of Marx, Engels, Plekhanov, Lenin and Stalin). (Current Book Distributors).

Origin of the Family, Private Property and the State, Engels. (Current Book Distributors).