Emile Burns 1939


What Is Marxism?

Source: “What Is Marxism?” by Emile Burns, 63 pp., Registered at G.P.O., Melbourne, for transmission by post as a book. Published by International Bookshop Pty. Ltd. 180 Exhibition Street. Melbourne, C.1, 1945, Richmond Chronicle, Shakespeare Street. Richmond, E.1.;
First published: in 1939, Reprinted in 1943, First Australian edition 1945 (5m.);
Transcribed: by Andy Blunden.


Publisher's Foreword
I. A Scientific View of the World
II. The Laws of Social Development
III. Capitalist Society
IV. The Imperialist Stage of Capitalism
V. Class Struggles in Modern Times
VI. Socialist Society
VII. The Marxist View of Nature
VIII. A Guide to Action