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James P. Cannon

I Will Go to the Sixth Congress

13 June 1928

Source: James P. Cannon and the Early Years of American Communism. Selected Writings and Speeches, 1920-1928 © Spartacist Publishing Company, 1992. ISBN 0-9633828-1-0; Published by Spartacist Publishing Company, Box 1377 G.P.O. New York, NY 10116. Introductory material and notes by the Prometheus Research Library.
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Cannon inserted the following statement into the minutes of the Political Committee meeting of 13 June 1928 in response to his nomination as a delegate to the Comintern’s Sixth World Congress, which was to be held in Moscow from 17 July to 1 September 1928. The delegation elected at the meeting included all the major party faction leaders, including Cannon.

I have been of the opinion that the big campaigns the party is now engaged in, some of which are in a critical condition, make it highly inadvisable for a large delegation of Polcom members to leave for the Congress, and have been of the opinion that I personally would not go, but in view of the fact that practically all of the leading comrades are going there, I think it is necessary also for me to accept the nomination.