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Mike Davis


Mike Davis



1974: Chaos in Construction Industry (with Frank Westerman)

1978: Socialist Unity: Labour and the Far Left

1978: Foreign Policy and the Soviet Threat

1979: Introducing the new Chartist

1979: Marxism and Gay Liberation

1981: Why the American Working Class is Different

1981: American Labor: The New Deal Legacy

1985: Nuclear Imperialism & Extended Deterrence

1990: Failure to Disperse: The L.A. Police Riot

1992: Realities of the Rebellion

1995: Orange County: Who Pays the Price?

1997: Remembering Milt Zaslow

2001: Wild streets: American Graffiti versus the Cold War

2004: A Deadly Plague of Slums

2004: The Ghost Shirts

2004: Avian Flu: The Monster at the Door

2005: The Archipelago of Horror

2005: Vigilante Man, 2005 Style

2005: Surviving When the State Disappeared: Community vs. Katrina (interview)

2006: A Test of Our Courage

2008: Global Crisis and Opportunity (interview)

2008: Models of Coming U.S. Interventions: Iraq or Haiti? (interview)

2009: The swine flu crisis lays bare the meat industry's monstrous power

2011: Carl Oglesby: A Mentor & Leader

2017: Remembering a Friend (obituary for Seymour Kramer)


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