Eugene V. Debs

Eye to Eye

Written: Unknown
First Published: Unknown, Appeal to Reason
Source: DEBS: His Life Writings and Speeches 1908 by The Appeal to Reason newspaper, Girard, Kansas. Page 296
Online Version: E.V. Debs Internet Archive, 2008
Transcribed/HTML Markup: David Walters, August, 2008
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President Mitchell, of the United Mine Workers, is reported as saying that if only the capitalist and workingman will took straight into each other’s eyes and speak the truth, there will be no more strikes. The trouble is that, inasmuch as the capi-talist is on the back of the workingman, they can’t look into each other’s eyes unless the capitalist dismounts or the work-ingman twists his spine, and he is already suffering from curvature of that sorely—strained member of his saddled, bridled, whipped and spurred organism.

The capitalist can hardly be expected to rein up and get down purely to see the color of the optics of his “mount.”