Ross Dowson archives—correspondence—Year 1937

March 1st 1937 Rough Notes by Ross Dowson—names of majority of activists of SYL
an analysis of the results of entry by the Spartacus Youth League into the CCYM (CCF youth); the lack of progress of recruitment and education in the four units of CCYM; the loss of activism of ex-SYL comrades engaged in entry

SYL Activists List 1st page of lists of activists    2nd page of lists of activists

Ross Dowson archives—correspondence—Year 1938

Jan. 28 1938 “Statement of N.C. Minority;” RD: “very important document all the more so in that there is no serious majority document (where is RD`s contribution) by Maurice Altman—The whole tone of this document is defeatist—formalistic, sterile—obviously no leadership. See Ross Dowson p. 41—when did RD join Cdn Section? P.45 NB in opposing adult entry; have to sharpen up youth work”
Feb 12/38“Canadian Section, Buro for Fourth International: Internal Report for All America—Pacific Commission,” re: C.C.F., C.P., Workers Party, Canadian Report, Youth, Entry, Priority after entry, Social composition, Our present activity; Negotiations with Minority, Field Group, Our perspectives
Apr.~May/38 Document: ‘Resolution of the All-American and Pacific Pre-Conference (April-May 1938) concerning the work of the Canadian Section of the Fourth International;” endorsing the Socialist Policy Group to work in the CCF on the basis of a declaration on the war question; setting a time limit on the entry; other work arenas
Apr.15/38 Document: “Bulletin on War;” issued by the SPG, re: the critical test of the coming war, our defence of the Soviet Union; our attitude to imperialist war; on pacifism and isolationism; our demands

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