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1938-Feb.12-7.doc transcription Mar. 8/06

There is no
...sentiment in our ranks for an immediate split perspective, at the same time there is no capitulationist tendency in our ranks. We have no illusions about the limitations of work in a reformist organization, especially with regard to the time factor. Our international experience help(s) us in this regard.

The C.C.F., while outwardly stable, is composed largely of raw and uninitiated elements. While in Ontario its composition is overwhelmingly petty-bourgeois, there is a sufficiently large proletarian core to make our work worthwhile. Movements and splits have developed within its ranks regularly. These have been corrupted, (have) disintegrated and to some extent swallowed up by Stalinism, partly because of our own weakness, and also because of our isolation. We do not look forward to any great gains, but the entry experience will strengthen our movement greatly. Closer ties with the Commission will compensate in some measure for our young and inexperienced leadership.

Submitted by Executive Committee.

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