Hal Draper

Los Angeles WP Proposes Organized Protest on British Palestine Crimes

(2 September 1946)

From Labor Action, Vol. 10 No. 35, 2 September 1946, p. 8.
Transcribed & marked up by Einde O’Callaghan for the Marxists’ Internet Archive.

The letter publish below was sent out on August 19th by the Los Angeles section of the Workers Party to 75 organizations – union, Jewish and veteran organizations, etc., in the Los Angeles area.


Dear Friend:

The terrible plight of the Jewish people in Europe and Palestine should be the concern of all progressive and labor forces everywhere.

One million and a half Jews in Europe are threatened with physical extermination, not any longer in Hitler’s gas chambers but by the slor process of starvation, disease and economic disfranchisement among hostile peoples. There is no haven for them to turn to. The United States, Russia and the whole world have closed their doors against any effective alleviation of their misery through immigration. Britain has locked the gates of Palestine and is enforcing its decree by guns, terror and concentration camps.

We believe that quite regardless of one’s partisan or political beliefs concerning British imperialism or Zionism or the Arab leaders’ aims, or certainly any considerations of race or religion, it is the crying duty of everyone who has the interests of progress and the international conscience of labor in his heart to make known his protest on this crime against a whole people.

This can best be done, not individually, not even by each group acting alone, but in unity and cooperation.

suggest, to all organizations to whom, this letter is addressed, that common action be effected AT ONCE to hold in Los Angeles a mighty mass meeting which will deliver the protests of thousands against the British terror in Palestine, which is even now planning the execution of 18 fighters for Jewish haven in Palestine – which will condemn the callous brutality of the British government in helping to squeeze a people out of existence – which will raise its voice for the granting of refuge to the oppressed Jewish people not only in Palestine but also in the United States.

Other action can be considered in addition to, or instead of, the one suggested above. The important thing is that such action be taken NOW. The important thing is that such action be taken regardless of factional differences which may exist beten groups on related questions for the sake of a united protest on the great crime itself. Our organization, for example, is not in political sympathy with the long-range aims or policies of the Zionist movement and furthermore believe that only a socialist world can insure to the Jewish people and all other peoples the conditions for a peaceful and secure existence. But pros and cons on questions of this order, fervently believe, cannot and must not stand in the way of a United Protest.

urge your organization to take steps immediately to bring this about with no loss of time. I urge you to let me know whether you are in favor of participating in such action. would like to see action initiated by a representative group of labor, progressive, Jewish and minority groups, and shall be very glad if can be of any service in getting such coordination started.

I hope to hear from you immediately.


Hal Draper,
Los Angeles Organizer, Workers Party

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