Hal Draper


The Two Souls of Socialism


A Few References

As mentioned in the Note, following are a few useful titles, but for most of the questions dealt with, one must go back to the sources.

For Section 1, one book worth reading is A.D. Winspear’s The Genesis of Plato’s Thought, which discusses Pythagoras somewhat too. For Proudhon, see the chapter in J.S. Schapiro’s Liberalism and the Challenge of Fascism, and Proudhon’s Carnets. For Bakunin, see E. Pyzuir’s The Doctrine of Anarchism of M.A. Bakunin, with E.H. Carr’s biography for background. For Lassalle, see E. Bernstein’s F. Lassalle as a Social Reformer, and D. Footman’s biography. For Fabianism, there is only one half-decent published study, A.N. McBriar’s Fabian Socialism and English Politics, and E.J. Hobsbawm’s unpublished thesis, Fabianism and the Fabians, neither adequate for our purpose. For Rosa Luxemburg, see Paul Frölich’s biography, and Tony Cliff’s thin book both titled with her name. For Bellamy and Gronlund, see Arthur Lipow’s unpublished thesis, Edward Bellamy and the Nationalist Movement (Berkeley, Univ. of Calif., 1965).

Two articles by me in New Politics bear on some aspects of the subject: Neo-Corporatists and Neo-Reformists (I, 1, Winter 1962) and The New Social-Democratic Reformism (II, 2, Winter 1963). Also relevant are parts of the following two publications of the Independent Socialist Committee: Independent Socialism: a Perspective for the Left (pamphlet), and Introduction to Independent Socialism (a “clipping-book”). [H.D.]


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