Hal Draper

Zionism, Israel & the Arabs


Hal Draper, Zionism, Israel & the Arabs, Center for Socialist History, Alameda CA, 1990.
© Copyright 1997, Center for Socialist History.
Also available as PDF.
Published in MIA with the kind permission of the CSH.
Transcribed & marked up by Einde O’Callaghan for the Marxists’ Internet Archive.


I. War of Independence or Expansion?

II. How to Defend Israel

III. Israel’s Arab Minority; The Beginning of a Tragedy

IV. Israel’s Arab Minority: The Great Land Robbery

V. The Suez Invasion: Israel’s Alliance with Imperialism

VI. The Truth About the Fedayeen

VII. The Origins of the Middle East Crisis

VIII. The Mistakes of the Arab Socialists

IX. The Triple Crisis of Zionism

X. “Thou Shalt Not Criticize Israel”

XI. German Reparations and ‘Blood-Responsibility’

XII. Zionism vs. The Jews: Israel’s Nationality Act

XIII. Anti-Semitism and Arab Propaganda

XIV. Sacrilege & Anathema: Notes on Christianity & Judaism Today

XV. To Break the Vicious Spiral

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