William F. Dunne & Morris Childs

Permanent Counter-Revolution

The Role of the Trotzkyites in the Minneapolis Strikes

Date: October 1934
Publisher: Workers Library Publishers, New York
Transcription/Markup: Brian Reid
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Part 1: The Role of the Trotzkyites in the Minneapolis Strikes

I.   Most Rapid Retreat of Leaders in
U.S. History—From “General Strike”
to Surrender in 24 Hours

II.   Minneapolis Example of Technique of
Turning Offensive Into Retreat, Victory to Defeat

III.   Trotzky Group United With Olson Machine
in A. F. of L. to Send Back Minneapolis Strikers

IV.   Trotzkyite Sheet Conceals Part Played by Olson,
Farm-Labor Governor, in Defeating the Great Minneapolis
Strike Movement

V.   The Party Leadership Analyzed

VI.   Background and Perspective of Minnesota Labor

Part 2: Permanent Counter-Revolution