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William F. Dunne


William F. Dunne







1921: Speech to the Founding Convention of the Workers Party of America

1922: Communists in the Labor Unions

1924: Political Activity in Trade Unions
1924: Candling the CPPA
1924: No Postponement of May 30th Convention is Sentiment as Farmer-Labor Delegates Meet
1924: Spirit of Unity Prevails at St. Paul as Farmer-Labor Conference Starts
1924: National Farmer-Labor Meet Plans Made
1924: 300 Attend FLP Meet In Minnesota
1924: Minnesota Guarantees “June 17”
1924: The “National Farmer-Labor Party”—In Memoriam
1924: What War did to America

1927: The Thirtieth Convention of the United Mine Workers of America

1929: Introduction to Problems of Strike Strategy

1934: Permanent Counter-Revolution: The Role of the Trotzkyites in the Minneapolis Strikes, Written with Morris Childs


1923: Portrait