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Clemens Dutt


Clemens Dutt







1922: India Past Present and Future

1923: How the Worker Lives—in India

1925: Indian Politics: An Analysis

1926: Indian Peasant Through Official Spectacles
1926: British Labour and India
1926: India Nationalism and the Elections

1927: Capitalist Exploitation in Indian Agriculture, pt. I
1927: Capitalist Exploitation in Indian Agriculture, pt. II

1928: The Indian Struggle for Independence
1928: The Present Strike Movement in India

1929: The Indian League for Independence
1929: The Outsider’s India
1929: The Class Struggle in India
1929: The Role and Leadership of the Indian Working Class

1930: The Indian National Revolution
1930: Building Socialism In Soviet Turkestan

1937: The Recent Advance in Marxist Thought in England




1929: Picture from Workers’ Life
1955: Dutt’s Party registration form
1957: Clemens Dutt