Eleanor Marx Aveling 1895

The working class movement in England

Source: The working class movement in England: a brief historical sketch originally written for the “Volkes lexicon” edited by Emmanuel Wurm by Eleanor Marx Aveling; translated from the German by Edward Aveling and published in 1896 with a Preface by Wilhelm Liebknecht in 1895.

Transcribed: by Ted Crawford;
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These seven articles appeared for the first seven months of 1884 in the journal To-Day and were then discontinued though no reason is given. To-Day was claimed as an “exponent of scientific Socialism,” in the first number of 1884 having as new editors Bax and Joynes.

Table of Contents

Preface by Wilhelm Liebknecht

The working class movement in England by Eleanor Marx Aveling

Footnotes by Eleanor Marx Aveling