Frank Glass

Chinese Detained

Communist Propaganda in Hongkong

Written: 1939
First Published: date-stamped 16th March 1939
Source: Courtesy of Prometheus Research Library, New York. A cutting from SOUTH CHINA MORNING POST. CFG is obviously Cecil Frank Glass.
Transcription/HTML Markup: Ted Crawford and David Walters
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“The five Chinese men arrested by the police at an address in Des Voeux Road last week, are still held under detention warrants.

“Investigations are being made into Propaganda with which the men are alleged to have been concerned. It is understood that the propaganda is of a Communist and anti-Japanese nature and not of a kind aimed against the loca1 Government.

“Recently copies of Fighting, a Communist organ which was suppressed a few years ago, have made their appearance in the Colony's streets again. It is distributed free by young Chinese having the appearance of being students. The last number contained articles by M. Trotsky.”

In typescript below is the following

“CFG advises that the five arrested are apparently our comrades, though nothing further is known of the arrest. The magazine referred to “Fighting,” is probably the Shanghai organ “Doh Taung” which we translate “Struggle,” though it is possible that this is the paper put out by the Hongkong comrades. GES”