Chris Harman


Is a Machine After Your Job?

New Technology and the Struggle for Socialism

(January 1979)

Published by the Socialist Workers Party, London 1979.
Cartoons by Phil Evans.
Transcribed & marked up by Einde O’Callaghan for the Marxists’ Internet Archive (November 2009).

This pamphlet could not have been written without advice and information from many people. Especial thanks are due to: Dave Albury, Ken Appleby, Gordon Blair, Roger Cox, Elana Dallas, Piers Freelove, Steve Jeffreys, Bryan Macey, Bryan Rees, George Row, Dave Turner, Aiden White and everyone who contributed to the SWP day school on Socialism and the New Technology. They were not necessarily responsible for the interpretation I have put on the information or for any factual errors.

Chris Harman, 8.1.79

Shift work ruins your social life

1. Introduction: The computer the size of a brief-case

2. A guide to the new technology

3. What will the new technology do to employment?

4. Will the new technology make work easier?

5. The government: Turning a blind eye

6. The unions and the new technology

7. How NOT to fight

8. What to fight for

9. A challenge to the system

10. The struggle for socialism

Supplement: A guide to jobs at risk


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