Jim Higgins

More Years for the Locust

Note by Transcriber

This book was produced by a small group of dissident members of the Socialist Workers’ Party (the successor to the International Socialists) who approached Jim Higgins in the early nineties and asked for his account of the faction fight over the process and nature of party building that profoundly changed the nature of that organisation. The comrades concerned were unable to give it the sort of circulation, that it undoubtedly deserved. It has been transcribed for ETOL as a small tribute to Jim after his death. His widow, Jane Higgins, is delighted that the work will be more available than hitherto. It may be copied or republished as long as acknowledgement is made of the source and any additions or alterations noted. As the transcriber I have myself added two small notes but indicated my authorship. Apart from that I have eliminated a number of typos though any remaining are my sole responsibility.

Ted Crawford
January 2003


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