H.M. Hyndman

England For All


H.M. Hyndman, England For All, printed by Gilbert & Rivington, 1881.
Originally published by E.W. Allen.
Republished Harvester Press 1973.
Transcribed by Ted Crawford. [1]
Marked up by Einde O’Callaghan for the Marxists’ Internet Archive.

Dedicated to the Democratic and Working Men’s Clubs of Great Britain and Ireland.


Transcriber’s Note

1. The political proposals in this work have far more the flavour of “Tory Radicalism” than they have of Marxism yet its importance was that this was the first time that the Marxist economic theories, those of the labour theory of value and surplus value in popular form (Chapters 2 & 3) were put before an English audience in simple language. Though very critical of Hyndman, Marx commented “With all that his little book – so far as it pilfers from Kapital – makes good propaganda”. A copy of the pamphlet was given to all the delegates at the inaugural conference of the Democratic Federation in 1881.

This copy was scanned from the hard back version, price half a crown, which is Hyndman's own of 1881 which he gave to his second wife on their marriage on 14th May 1914 as the inscription written by him in the flyleaf shows. She donated his library when, after completing a memoir of the last years of his life, she committed suicide in 1923, to the Trustees of the Social Democratic Federation which, when they could longer support a library, they gave to the National Council of Labour colleges. And these, when they too perished in our own degenerate days, sold them to booksellers which is where A.S. Richardson got hold of it. It will eventually join his collection in the University of London Library.

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