H.M. Hyndman

Further Reminiscences


MY first volume of Reminiscences was so kindly received, both by my critics and by the public at large, that in the present book I have brought them up to date. I scarcely dare to hope, however, for the like good fortune with regard to these somewhat numerous additional pages. I have been rash enough to speak of recent events and of well-known people still living with as much frankness as I indulged in before, when dealing with more remote matters and persons. I recognise that this has its drawbacks. It is possible, nevertheless, that some readers may not object to seeing the problems of our daily life, and the characters of a few of those who are endeavouring to handle them, sketched from a different standpoint from that which is usually occupied. I have done my best to put what I have to say clearly, and with as little of prejudice as is possible for one who has always tried to be in the thick of the fight.


H.M. Hyndman
9 Queen Anne’s Gate,
St. James’s Park, London, S.W.
November 1912

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