H.M. Hyndman

The Murdering of British Seamen


Since the speech was delivered of which a verbatim report is given in the following pages, I have received a letter from Father Hopkins, on behalf of the Seamen’s and Firemen’s Union, congratulating me and thanking me for my efforts to save the lives of those who go down to the sea in ships. All members of the British Socialist Party and of the old Social-Democratic Federation should be included in that recognition of good service; for they have persistently denounced the crimes which have been and are still being committed by the Government in the drowning of helpless men. At the Conference of the BSP at Blackpool Councillor Godbold, Secretary of the Stewards’ Union – stewards are drowned, too – seconded my resolution condemning the Liberal Party, the Labour Party, the whole House of Commons and the Board of Trade for what they have done, or have allowed to be done in their name.

Speaking a few months ago in Trafalgar Square, I compared Mr. Asquith’s Administration to the infamous Cabal of the time of Charles II. This was most unfair to the Cabal. I apologise. The members of the Cabal stand out as fine, bluff, honest brigands when compared with our Ministers of to-day. May the shades of Clifford, Ashley and Buckingham, Arlington and Lauderdale forgive me for the wrong I did them !


H.M. Hyndman
9, Queen Anne’s Gate
St, James’ Park
London, S.W.
May 28th 1913

P.S. – I have been supplied by the Seamen’s and Firemen’s Union with a lengthy list of additional vessels that have foundered or have been stranded owing to their raised Load Line. These facts I intend to use in our further agitation. – H.M.H.


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