H.M. Hyndman

The Evolution of Revolution

H.M. Hyndman


My object in writing this book is to give a sketch of economic influences upon the growth of human society. At a time when revolutionary movements are going on all over the civilised world we may learn, to some extent, from the past what to avoid in the present and the future.

My obligations to the works of Lewis H. Morgan and Karl Marx are manifest, though I have ventured to differ, occasionally, from those great writers. In dealing with the downfall of slavery I have drawn upon the admirable Italian school of historic economy headed by Ciccotti and Salvioli. I am conscious of many shortcomings in my attempt to survey briefly the early institutions and subsequent development of mankind. But I hope it may induce younger men than myself to work out a more complete study of this great subject.

The title was suggested to me by my friend, Mr Curtis Brown.


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September 1920.

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