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Thomas Alfred Jackson









1905: Is the Socialist Propagandist Necessary?
1905: Evolution By Revolution
1905: Socialism and Respectability

1906: Class-Conciousness

1921: The Commune of London
1921: The Organisation of Idolatry, Review of Sinclair’s The Brass Check.
1921: Sedition!
1921: Wages and Wonderment
1921: Dictatorship of the Damned
1921: Ideals of a Communist
1921: Useful and Suggestive, Review of “Labour Booklets”
1921: Four Years—The Story of the Russian Revolution (Written with R. W. Postgate)
1921: The Miners Battle, Review of John Thomas’ “The Miners’ Conflict with the Mineowners”
1921: Trotsky and Terror, Review of Trotsky’s The Defence of Terrorism: a Reply to Karl Kautsky

1922: The Mechanics of the Mind, Review of Plebs League’s An Outline of Psychology
1922: The British Empire
1922: Taking Things Seriously
1922: The Puritan Revolution
1922: What Communism Means—A six-part series based on “The A.B.C. of Communism,” by Bukharin and Preobrashensky. Part I | Part II | Part III | Part IV | Part V | Part VI

1922: Why Bother About Parliament?

1924: The Message of March: The Commune—and After

1925: A Mass Party

1928: The Struggle for a Workers’ International, Review of G. M. Stekloff’s History of the First International.

1929: Essays in Censorship

1934: Utopia and its Author, Review of Kautsky’s Thomas More and his Utopia.

1935: A Great Socialist—Frederick Engels

1936: Dialectics: The Logic of Marxism, and its Critics—An Essay in Exploration

1937: Ralph Fox’s Political Writings